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A chocolate lovers dream, this moist Almond Chocolate Chip Banana Bread is a healthier option, with no added sugar (except for the chocolate). And it’s gluten free, but you’d never miss the sugar or the traditional flour.

In the hot summer months my over ripe bananas are destined for the freezer. Once I see the big brown spots forming, in the freezer it goes. Then, come morning I have plenty of frozen bananas to add a smoothie. While all frozen fruits makes a smoothie cold, it seems only banana give smoothies that perfectly creamy texture.

But now that the temperatures are beginning to drop (autumn is just around the corner) my over ripe bananas are no longer freezer bound. My instincts have changed. I’m no longer craving a nice, refreshing smoothie each morning. I now want something warm, like oatmeal, banana chocolate chip pancakes or banana bread.

Banana bread is probably the most common use for an overripe banana. And it’s right along side pumpkin as my favorite fall bread.

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