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Mashed Sweet Potatoes are a simple, no fuss side dish perfect for the holiday season. Roasting the sweet potatoes enhances the potatoes flavor, and the overall sweetness is balanced out with a bit of spicy cayenne.

It wasn’t until recently that I developed a liking to sweet potatoes. I, like many others, overlooked the sweet root vegetable. I enjoyed “regular” potatoes, and this other variety was just too sweet and not appealing.

But as awareness of sweet potatoes awesome health benefits grew – yay for high fiber, antioxidants, low glycemic index and potassium — I figured I should give them another go.

The other night I made pan fried pork chops and my sausage cornbread stuffing (which is also perfect for Thanksgiving) and I thought mashed sweet potatoes would go well with the dish.

My husband was worried, sweet potato fries are so yummy, why mess with a good thing?

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