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Hi Everyone! I’m Jennifer and I created, “Because Food is Love” because that’s exactly how I feel, to me food really is love. Food reminds me of my family and friends that I love most in the world. I have three children, a daughter and two sons, and it warms my heart to hear them humming with happiness as they eat their dinner.

I love the sensory memories associated with food – I have so many. When I smell movie theater popcorn I think of my husband because he worked at a movie theater when we were dating. Or that every time I make gravy I think of my grandmother because her wonderful, Southern style gravy was my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner. My family has even accused me of having a little dinner with my gravy. But what can I say? I’m guilty. I loved her gravy and I think I will forever make mine like hers. My food associated memories are endless as I’m sure many of yours are too because many of our big moments in life feature food at some point. A first date, wedding, holidays, going to the ball game — some great meals (or maybe some not so great) building memories that’ll be cherished forever.

Now, as an adult I moved beyond my love of eating food to a joy of cooking and baking. Growing up my mom made homemade meals everyday and I’d sit at the bar and watch her cook. We’d talk while she cooked and I did my homework. Sure I enjoyed her meals, but I rarely participated in the cooking experience.

That all changed when I married and moved out for the first time. Living out of my family home made me realize how much I missed the homemade meals I grew up with. Learning to cook soon became a priority, and the funny thing is, I unexpectedly fell in love. I discovered that not only does it make me happy when my husband thoroughly enjoys his dinner, but I enjoyed being creative in the kitchen. By talking with my mom, watching cooking shows, and reading recipes online I started my cooking journey. I went from a young adult preparing mostly frozen or boxed food to feeling more and more comfortable in the kitchen cooking and creating different dishes.  Often I remind myself and others to remember to never get discouraged because cooking and baking can be challenging and even the best chefs have had their flops. With dedication, and maybe a dash of passion, anyone can learn to cook and love it!

Another important tip I've learned along the way is to enjoy what you do. I actually have a degree in journalism, like I said; the culinary arts did not interest me until my 20s. While I did enjoy working as a journalist for a few years, after I had my daughter I became a stay-at-home mom. I absolutely love being a mother. My three beautiful children have helped me become a better person and see the world in entirely new ways and they’ve greatly influenced the way I cook.

I want my children to have every opportunity to succeed, and nutrition plays an important part. Providing my children with mostly homemade meals is something I strive for in order to limit the amount of preservatives and other additives in their diet.  I also want my children to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables so I like to come up with creative or fun ways to incorporate more fruits and veggies in our diet. I think having children actually made me a healthier person — because after all, children model their behavior after their parents.

My husband, Cory, encouraged me start this journey. He suggested I combine my two passions, writing and cooking, and start a food blog. I enjoy cooking, and I love getting inspiration from cooking shows, magazines, and all the food bloggers out there. I think my Pinterest is primarily recipes. My husband jokes that he doesn’t know how I can ever cook everything I’ve pinned.

I hope my blog inspires you to get creative in the kitchen, to fill your homes with the smell of your favorite food, and to not be afraid to try something new. If you have any questions, suggestions or cook any of my recipes, I'd love to hear from you -- leave a comment or send an email. I love sharing my food and I'd love to see yours too!

Best wishes fellow home chefs and thank you for checking out my site.



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